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Professional History


State University of New York at New Paltz | New Paltz, NY

Bachelor of Arts Double Major in Geography conc: Environmental and Spanish Language and Culture, minor in Disaster Studies, December 2020 GPA: 3.93

Graduated Nyack High School with advanced regents diploma in June 2017


IT Proficiency: ArcGIS, ESRI Suite, Mapbox, Carto, Glide, Adobe Photoshop, Tableau, SQL, Python, Google Drive Suite, Excel, Microsoft Office Suite, SIMAP carbon accounting, Specify Archival Software, DSLR camera, and social media


Languages: English, Spanish (fluency in translation, speaking, reading, writing)


Transcripts and references available upon request

Climate Campaigner

Greenpeace USA NOV 2021-PRESENT

  • Contributes to strategic planning, informed by knowledge of climate issues and the climate movement, politics, allies, and opponents.

  • Coordinates the implementation of strategies and tactics developed to achieve climate, racial and economic justice objectives.

GIS & Data Analyst

Greenpeace USA DEC 2020 - NOV 2021

  • Worked on special projects team generating analysis in ArcGIS Pro to support distributed organizing, campaign, and development efforts throughout the organization.

  • Analyzed millions of records using a justice framework to deliver actionable insight into large quantitative and qualitative data sets.

  • Created engaging visualizations in Tableau and Excel from quantitative and qualitative data that generate strategic knowledge to guide growth.

  • Delivered presentations and visualizations to leadership and program staff, including an international workshop on environmental justice research.

  • Provided IT solutions and support across the organization.

Data Science Intern

Greenpeace USA MAY 2020 - NOV 2020

  • Produced maps in ArcGIS Pro and other visualizations in ESRI Insights and Tableau that guided strategy decisions for campaign teams.

  • Developed a model that calculates future return on ad spend by analyzing digital marketing metrics that now informs resource allocation decision making.

  • Executed a research project on leveraging GIS to connect with supporters based on environmental justice issues for presentation to Greenpeace International.

Social Media Manager

Parasol Structures NOV 2020 - APRIL 2021

  • Performs market and industry research to create promotional social media posts that bolster network engagement.

  • Developes SEO strategy and identifies opportunities for brand growth.

Sustainability Ambassador Team Leader

SUNY New Paltz Office of Campus Sustainability AUG 2018 - NOV 2020

  • Led the Carbon Neutrality team and managed team of Sustainability Ambassadors focusing on presenting to campus administrators regarding reaching carbon neutrality, compiling best practices of other institutions of higher education to craft a roadmap to reduce emissions, investigating carbon offset projects suitable for investment, and researching the IPCC, the Paris Agreement, and the CLCPA of NYS.

  • Prepared a greenhouse gas inventory with the carbon neutrality research team, generated recommendations for reaching carbon neutrality, completed data transition to web based emissions calculator SIMAP, conducted carbon accounting, and researched sustainability best practices in higher education.

  • Led the Student Outreach and Engagement team, created and implemented informational and  materials to increase student involvement in sustainability initiatives on campus.

  • Designed campaigns for issues including plastic reduction, water conservation, food waste, and energy use. Facilitated communication between various working groups to synthesize respective goals and progress in order to create unity within the Sustainability Ambassador cohort.

  • Led Events team to raise awareness about sustainability and climate change on campus and utilized digital marketing to increase attendance.

  • Member of sustainability strategic planning committee, conducted research and stakeholder communication for the energy use and transportation focus groups throughout the development and implementation of the strategic plan.

Disaster Management Intern

Orange County Emergency Management JAN - MAY 2020

  • Through the SUNY New Paltz Institute for Disaster Mental Health, completed a practicum course in disaster management and mental health and internship in disaster management at Orange County Emergency Management.

  • Collaborated with fellow interns to complete all Tier II data entry using the E-plan reporting methodology, compiling all chemical reporting in the county to submit to the EPA and local fire departments. 

  • Supported completion of office tasks such as creating folders for disaster preparedness awareness.

  • Completed several FEMA training courses: IS-100.C: Introduction to the Incident Command System and IS-700.B: An Introduction to the National Incident Management System, as well as several American Red Cross training courses: Concept of Operations Basics, Mass Care: An Overview, Disaster Cycle Services An Overview, Everyone is Welcome, Basic Food Safety, and Shelter Fundamentals, and a course in Psychological First Aid.

Vice President

Male Call a Cappella AUG 2018 - MAY 2020

  • Spearheaded planning efforts for annual invitational performance, Fall Call by coordinating with other a Eboard members and a cappella groups.

  • Organized scheduling of events and rehearsals with fellow executive board members.

  • Curated social media presence for the group including a virtual open mic event, managed Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

  • Created designs for apparel and advertisements for events.

  • Wrote club constitution in collaboration with other Eboard members. 

  • Represented the club at Council of Organizations meetings once a month.
    Former Treasurer and Secretary from August 2018 - December 2019.

Head of Art Department

Windsor Mountain International Summer Camp JUNE 2018 - AUG 2019

  • Coordinated and trained team of 10 art staff in curriculum development.

  • Oversaw time, space, and materials management for the visual arts program.

  • Devised class schedules with other department heads, programming department, and camp leadership.

  • Created project focused lesson plans to allow students to best express their creativity and learn new skills in a variety of mediums with ages 8-16.

  • Worked as a Bunk Counselor, supervised safety and well-being of campers ages 10-12.

  • Facilitated conflict resolution for staff and campers.

  • Shaped and supported all-camp activities, including designing games, explaining rules, and insuring delegated tasks were performed so plans ran smoothly.

  • Guided international staff and campers in advancing their English language skills.

Study Abroad

​SUNY Cortland International Program at University of Salamanca, Spain JAN - MAY 2019

  • Participated in the University of Salamanca Cursos Internacionales program for the Spring 2019 semester, attended classes taught in Spanish: Lengua Española, Cultura Española, Historia Española, La Mujer en la Historia de España, and Literatura Hispanoamericana.

  • Volunteered at language school Hello!! Salamanca, assisted in teaching English language classes to classes of 10-15 students of all

Climate Smart Communities Intern

​New Paltz Climate Action Coalition DEC 2017 - MAY 2018

  • Spearheaded the effort to begin the Climate Smart Communities Certification Program for the Village and Town of New Paltz and led implementation efforts for Element 4: Increasing Community Use of Renewable Energy.

  • Researched renewable energy alternatives suitable for the municipality and community in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through climate change mitigation and adaptation measures.

  • Collaborated with government employees, community members and groups, and other stakeholders to ensure all recommendations were tailored to community needs.

Archival Intern

​SUNY New Paltz Department of Biology FEB - MAY 2018

  • Worked with the Biology Department to help digitize the specimen collection by utilizing the archival software Specify.

  • Conducted research on the best methods to create an effective archival system process to appropriately catalogue information on the physical specimens.

Vice President

​Climate Action Club SUNY New Paltz JAN - MAY 2018

  • Founding member, assisted in forming the mission, vision, and goals for the club.

  • Planned and managed publicity for activism events such as the Climate Change Casualties demonstration.
    Designed logo and promotional materials for marketing and social media use.
    The club is focused on providing students at New Paltz with opportunities to take action concerning climate change through educational events and demonstrations that seek to encourage students to expand their knowledge regarding environmental degradation.

  • Previously served as treasurer from Sep 2017 - Jan 2018.

Production Manager

​Nyack High School Drama Club JAN - MARCH 2016

  • Attended all rehearsals/performances and performed clerical tasks as needed and designed playbill cover and advertising logos for the spring musical DIRTY ROTTEN SCOUNDRELS. 

  • Collaborated with the director, technical director, musical director, and producer to manage technical aspects of the production including lighting, set and costume changes as well as supervise a crew of stage managers and spotlight operators to ensure that all transitions were enacted smoothly and director’s plans were followed.

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